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“I’m a lifelong fan of the sound of siblings. Kalina & Kiana have that magical blend. They are exceptional musicians and extraordinary young women. It’s been a pleasure to watch these sisters grow into a formidable musical dynamo!”
– Vicki Peterson, The Bangles

Kalina & Kiana "According To Jim"

From the Raymies…

Sibling harmonies were first heard from Kalina & Kiana while they were still buckled into their car seats. School talent shows and experimentation with different instruments eventually landed Kalina on piano and Kiana on guitar.

In 2007, they formed an all-girl band called “The Raymies.” Kalina and Kiana were the lead singers and discovered songwriting at the ages of 11 and 13. They led The Raymies for 3 years, as they gained studio and stage experience all over the country, with more than 100 live performances.

With the help of Brillstein Entertainment, John Stamos co-wrote and produced a television pilot for Disney that was intended to be a launching platform for the young band. Disney was seeking a show to fill the void that would be left after the final season of “Hannah Montana.” Four major record labels were also bidding for The Raymies and their music.

When Disney only wanted Kalina and Kiana for the project, and asked to recast the other girls, the deal was scrapped in an effort to keep the band together and preserve friendships. Other members of the group never fully recovered from these challenges and within a few months, The Raymies imploded.

to Kalina & Kiana

Kalina and Kiana dove deep into songwriting and had songs placed in various projects. A year after the breakup, the sisters spent time in Europe, working on another musical television project. The travel was inspiring, but the development process was extremely slow. While under an exclusive contract for the television show, the girls started a music project under the pseudonym of “Rocky’s Revival,” (voted Best Indie Band in Orange County).

As Rocky’s Revival gained momentum, the sisters were faced with their greatest challenge to date – Kalina spent most of 2014 in and out of chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Many songs were written during the cancer treatments, and wigs were worn as Rocky’s Revival opened for groups like The Bangles and Justin Bieber during this challenging season. Thankfully, she is now in complete remission.

What didn’t break them, made them stronger. The girls continue to write for other people and projects, including: Zag Animation’s The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.” The European project finally began production in 2016. Kalina and Kiana passed on the lead roles, but made guest appearances and wrote songs for Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends,” which aired for 3 seasons on Netflix.

No longer contractually bound, the girls were able to step out of Rocky’s Revival as Kalina & Kiana. Their high energy live shows feature musical hooks with lyrics that you’ll be singing by the second chorus. Kalina & Kiana's goal is to be a positive influence by the way that they live, and relate to others through the content they create. Kalina & Kiana's experience and determination have prepared them for whatever comes next. 

Kalina & Kiana
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